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QUICK and EASY: SPEEDLACES No Tie Shoelaces are just that. Quick and easy. They are designed to allow you to slip on your shoes and be on your way. No need for tying and no adjustment required.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The un-stretched laces measure 100 centimetres in length and will stretch to more than double that size. They are designed to be trimmed to suit varying shoe sizes and styles.

PERFECT FOR CHILDREN, ADULTS AND THE ELDERLY Take the stress out of having to do up a child’s shoelaces several times in a day. Kids can just slip their shoes on and be ready to go. Great for school and places where kids may need to take their shoes off. Being able to just slip on your shoes will save time and allow those with reduced mobility to gain some independence.

LOOK AMAZING: Unlike most other No Tie Shoelaces, SPEEDLACES actually look like real shoe laces. They are NOT just a piece of cheap elastic.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are confident that you will love your SPEEDLACES so they come backed by a 30-Day money back guarantee.

Are you tired of having to constantly tie yours or someone else’s shoe laces?

Well then!!

SPEEDLACES no tie shoelaces are the product for you! As they are fully adjustable and easy to use they are perfect for almost all types of shoes. Put them in your runners, casuals, work shoes, kids shoes and more.

When you purchase no tie shoe laces from SPEEDLACES your product includes 2 Flat Laces, 4 Lace Anchors and 4 Lace End Clips.

What makes SPEEDLACES so good?

Benefits include:

Look like normal laces:  SPEEDLACES look like real laces, not just a piece of elastic. They also have the added benefit of not having loops flopping around on your shoes.

Compatible with most types of shoes: SPEEDLACES look great and are compatible with many different styles of shoes. They also have the added benefit of not having loops flopping around on your shoes.

Multi-purpose: They are great for everyday use or more extreme activities including competitive sport. Speed up your triathlon transitions - just slip on your shoes and go.

Perfect for the elderly or for those with reduced mobility or arthritis: Take away the strain of having to tie shoe laces so you or those around you can live life to its fullest.

Durable: The laces are durable so will last the life of your shoes.

Choice of fitting: Provide 2 options of fitting. The anchors that secure the laces can be hidden or visible. The choice is yours.

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  • SPEEDLACES No Tie Shoelaces – One Size Fits Adult and Kids Shoes – Suitable For Most Types of Shoes
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