Offshore Drift Waterproof Phone Pouch - Tips and Tricks


Checking for leaks

Before using your phone pouch, you should ensure that it is free from leaks. To do this you can place a tissue inside the pouch and then submerge in water. Once removed from water, dry off the pouch, then open, and check that the tissue is dry.

Using the camera

  1. Before submerging your phone, open the camera app and select the desired setting (video, photo, pano etc).
  2. To take a photograph press either of the volume buttons.
  3. To record video press either of the volume buttons to begin or cease recording.
Using your smartphones touch screen capabilities
  • Your phone pouch is touch screen compatible, however can lose effectiveness when wet.
  • To improve effectiveness, wipe with a cloth to remove water.

 Floating your smartphone in the waterproof phone pouch

  • Your waterproof phone pouch is capable of floating a phone up to 200 grams in weight.
  • To achieve this do the following:
    1. Insert your phone into the pouch
    2. Gently squeeze the sides of the pouch to allow as much air to enter as possible.
    3. Close the pouch and secure both locking mechanisms.
    4. While holding the attached lanyard, test to see if your phone will float. Never just drop it into water as it may sink.

Caring for your waterproof phone pouch

  • Do not use in water that is above 60°
  • Do not store your phone pouch and phone in a humid, damp environment.
  • Sudden changes in temperature may cause humidity within the pouch, so air out when necessary.
  • Before using your phone pouch in warm water such as thermal hot springs, please check your smartphone instruction manual regarding its thermal stability.
  • Do not expose your phone pouch to fire or extreme temperature.
  • Clean after use and air dry in the shade.